International Diesel Services UAE | Denso Dealer in Dubai

Our Services

Experience a comprehensive suite of specialized services designed to cater to all diesel fuel injection system requirements.

Diesel Fuel Injection Sales & Services

At IDS, we specialize in high-quality sales and repair services for diesel injection pumps, injectors, and turbochargers. Our skilled technicians deliver reliable fuel system solutions.

Auto Electrical Sales & Services

Our expertise at IDS lies in diagnosing and repairing automotive electrical problems for vehicles ranging from diesel vehicles to heavy earth-moving equipment.

Turbo Charger Sales & Services

We are providing repair of turbochargers and specialises in high speed turbocharger repair & service.

Engine Parts for Cummins

Renowned for its wide range of Internal Combustion Diesel Engines, IDS proudly offers complex range of FP Cummins genuine engine parts.

Hartridge Test Benches & Tools

IDS offers state-of-the-art computer-con- trolled Hartridge test benches renowned for reducing inaccuracies. The test benches are effective in diagnosing diesel injector and pump problems, ensuring accurate analysis.

Repair Solutions

Repair solutions tor Cummins PT pumps, STC injectors & Top-Stop. We have a specialisation for the above job works.

We are Solution Oriented

We are having a complete solution for common rail FIP & Injectors as per factory standards. (Delphi, Denso, Bosch).

Heavy Duty Mechanical Starters & Alternators

We provide an extensive range of high-quality electro-mechanical starters and alternators for automotive, heavy-du- ty, and marine equipment.

Bosch Test Bench DCI 700

The Bosch DCI 700 diesel test bench is designed with the future in mind with its new measurement system that has the ability to test the latest common rail injector technologies for all car and commercial vehicle systems, including those with Needle Closing Control (NCC) and Valve Closing Control (VCC).